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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your location easy to find?2019-08-15T19:07:30-04:00

Our location is fairly easy to locate. For those who may not be familiar, we can print direction cards for you to place in your invitations.

How many guests can you accommodate?2019-08-15T19:07:58-04:00

We can accommodate 230 guests with a dance floor.

What is peak season for this location?2019-08-15T19:08:23-04:00

May through October.

Will ours be the only wedding on that day?2019-08-15T19:08:52-04:00


What do you charge? Are you willing to work within my budget? What suggestions do you have, given my needs and budget?2019-08-15T19:01:59-04:00

All pricing is listed in our wedding packages. They are inclusive of tax and service charge. We can also customize a package based on your wants and needs if you choose.

What are the deposit and cancellation policies?2019-08-15T19:02:39-04:00

Deposit is due when the contract is signed (typically $1,000). After the initial deposit, you are welcome to continue paying on your wedding, but no additional amounts are required until three days before your wedding.

If the wedding is cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable. The wedding date can be moved to an alternate date within one year of the original wedding without losing the deposit.

How many car parking spaces are available? Do you have valet parking? What is the cost?2019-08-15T19:03:07-04:00

Our parking lots can accommodate approximately 200 cars. Valet parking can be available if requested. The cost varies depending on the number of guests attending the wedding.

Do you allow confetti or rose petals to be thrown?2019-08-15T19:04:10-04:00

Real rose petals may be thrown during the ceremony. Large confetti pieces can be used on the tables as long as it can be easily cleaned.

Excessive glitter, confetti guns/poppers are not permitted.

Do you allow candles to be lit in the reception room?2019-08-15T19:10:26-04:00


Do you have a Public Address (PA) system that can be used for speeches?2019-08-15T19:05:02-04:00

Yes, however, the DJ typically provides the microphone for the speeches.

What facilities are available if the weather is poor?2019-08-15T19:05:49-04:00

If your ceremony is on-site, we will hold it in the dining room, fireplace lobby or on the dance floor in the ballroom. The cocktail hour will be held in the fireplace lobby and we will open the doors to the ballroom to allow your guests to have additional space.

What decorations do you supply for the reception?2019-08-15T19:06:23-04:00

Included in your package are the linens and napkins, linens and skirting for all display tables, mirrors and votives on dinner tables and votives throughout the room. Your centerpieces are provided through A&M Floral express which are also included in the packages.

Do you have special arrangements with, or details of, local hotels for guests to stay at?2019-08-15T19:07:00-04:00

Yes, we can provide you with a list of hotels in the Wilkes-Barre area that can provide you with a room block and shuttle for your guests to and from the Irem Clubhouse.

May the photographer/videographer visit the location beforehand?2019-08-15T19:11:51-04:00

Yes, they can make an appointment with one of the coordinators if they have specific questions or can come up at any time if they would just like to walk around and see areas by themselves.

How many hours does the rental cover? Does this time period include set up and clean up? What are the overtime charges?2019-08-15T19:12:22-04:00

Wedding receptions are five hours. This time does not include the setup and clean up. We typically allot for three hours prior for staff/vendor setup and hour hour tear down.

Is there a dance floor? How big is the dance floor?2019-08-15T19:12:54-04:00

There is a hardwood dance floor that will be placed down for your reception. The largest size is 20 x 20.

Can you have live music?2019-08-15T19:13:28-04:00

Yes. We have the option of adding riser pieces to make a stage for the band if you prefer, however, having a stage does take away additional setup space for guests.

What’s the lighting like? Does it have a nice ambiance?2019-08-15T19:14:04-04:00

We can keep the lights as soft and dim or as bright as you would like. The room has lots of deep purple, burgundy and wood tones. There is a wall of floor to ceiling windows that does provide a lot of light into the room before the sunsets. The entire feel of the venue is classic, modern country club.

Can I see photos of previous wedding set-ups?2019-08-15T19:14:39-04:00

All of our photos from previous weddings can be found on our website or Facebook page, or ask your coordinator about upcoming weddings so you can see the setup in person!

Does your facility come with a coordinator?2019-08-15T19:15:13-04:00

Yes. Your coordinator will be on-site throughout your wedding. You will also have a Banquet Captain the day of to ensure your guests are comfortable and cared for.

What are the tables like? How many can sit comfortably at each one?2019-08-15T19:15:49-04:00

The tables are 60’ rounds. They can accommodate 8 – 10 guests each. Eight is more comfortable.

What photographic locations are there?2019-08-15T19:17:04-04:00

You are welcome to take photos on any public area in and around the Irem Clubhouse. Most popular sites are off the patio on the cart turn around path, in the apple trees, by the stone work on the front of the building, on the side patios off the first and second floors, in the putting green, in the fireplace lobby and by the windows inside the ballroom.

If you venture out onto any of the golf greens, high heels are not permitted. If any damage is done on the greens, you may be liable for payment of repair.

Do you have an in-house caterer, a list of approved caterers, or can I bring my own?2019-08-15T19:17:51-04:00

All food must be provided from our in-house Chef. The only exception is if the requested cuisine is one that Chef cannot authentically recreate or prepare due to religious restrictions.

Is your facility licensed to serve alcohol?2019-08-15T19:18:19-04:00


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