One of the most exciting things to do when you are planning a wedding is forming your wedding day timeline. Not only is it important to making sure your day goes smoothly, but it can help keep your guests and bridal party happy, too!

According to our wedding staff, here are five considerations when creating the timeline for your special day:

  1. Start getting ready early.
    Schedule hair and makeup sessions for you and your bridal party earlier in the day. This way, you don’t need to feel stressed about the possibility of not being ready in time later. To relieve even more stress, have your hair stylist and makeup artist come to you at Irem Clubhouse – this way, you and your bridal party will already be on-site and stress-free.
  2. Schedule a brunch or lunch break.
    You may be so busy before your ceremony that you forget to eat before the big event. A brunch/lunch break is a good way to take a moment to relax from the preparation with your bridal party and recharge your energy for the remainder of the day. Luckily, you can order exactly what you’re craving with the on-site restaurant at Irem Clubhouse.
  3. Build your timeline around the photos you want.
    Maybe you’d like photos of your bridesmaids getting ready. Or, maybe you want a few shots of them helping you put on your jewelry – or your mom buttoning your dress. Perhaps you want to take sunset photos as a couple. Make sure you allow 15 – 30 minutes for these kind of shots (your photographer should be able to help you plan, too). Depending on the amount of photos you’d like, you can try to schedule photos with the bridal party and family before the ceremony instead of after. Of, if your ceremony is not on site, allow additional time between the ceremony and cocktail hour for photos. Some popular photography backdrops for an Irem Clubhouse wedding include the building’s beautiful stonework, apple trees and golf cart path. Inside the ballroom, large windows allow a lot of natural light into the room, delighting many photographers. Mountains, open sky and long stretches of well-manicured golf course can be seen in the background of your photos as well, making Irem Clubhouse the perfect picturesque setting!
  4. Cushion your timeline.
    To prevent stress on your wedding day, leave at least 15 minutes padding time between events. You don’t want to be late to anything and throw the rest of your schedule off. This includes the start time for your wedding. At Irem Clubhouse, you don’t have to worry about the time (or traffic) between the ceremony and reception, as the same property includes locations perfect for both events. Irem Clubhouse staff will also help you coordinate with other vendors the day of, so everything will remain on schedule.
  5. Assign duties to other people ahead of time.
    It is easy to feel as though you have to be doing everything on your wedding day to make sure things run smoothly, but that day is all about you and your soon-to-be spouse, so make sure you have family and friends taking care of all the day-of details, so you can just focus on getting ready and having fun. Choosing Irem Clubhouse means there is a team of talented staff standing behind you, ensuring your every need is being met.