If you’re newly engaged and looking to plan an engagement photo shoot or coordinating a special event like a family reunion or anniversary party, finding the right photographer and capturing those special moments is key.

Here are three tips to make sure your engagement and event photography suits your needs:

  1. Do your research on pricing.
    Many photographers don’t state their pricing online, so make sure you do your research by asking for and comparing pricing from a variety of photographers. Also, there are plenty of college students interested in photography and the arts. Fortunately, since they are just starting and don’t have a lot on their resume, they may photograph special events for a low price to gain more experience and build their portfolios. This can be risky, of course, so you want to make sure the photos the student has taken so far are good quality. Nearby Irem Clubhouse is Misericordia University, which can be a great resource.
  2. Ask to see their portfolio, and make sure you like their style.
    No two photographers are the same. Photographers have different styles and different methods for taking photos. When you are seriously considering a photographer, ask to see his or her portfolio or view his or her social media accounts or website to gain a feel for their style. Are they more artistic with their shots? Are the photos dark and moody or more light and airy? Make sure the style is what you like. If you have ideas for shots that you don’t see implemented in their past work, don’t be afraid to ask whether they would be able to take the types of shots you would like.
  3. Make a list of the ideas you have for your photo shoot or event.
    Photographers have their own list of shots they typically do with couples, but you should write your own list, so they know exactly what you are looking for. When scheduling a date for an engagement shoot, keep the time of day in mind, as the amount of light will affect how the photos are taken and how they may turn out. Some great and popular backdrops at Irem Clubhouse include the building’s beautiful stonework, apple trees and golf cart path. Inside the ballroom, large windows allow a lot of natural light into the room, delighting many photographers. Mountains, open sky and long stretches of well-manicured golf course can be seen in the background of your photos as well, making Irem Clubhouse the perfect picturesque setting! For a special event, list any combinations of guests you want to make sure are captured together, as well as any surprises planned during the event. List whether you want photos taken indoors, outdoors or both.
  4. Don’t stress about the photography at your event
    By this time, you’ve got the details and the timeline worked out, and documenting those memories is the photographer’s job. At Irem Clubhouse, staff aid photographers with whatever questions they may have.

When it comes to choosing a photographer, knowing what to look for, combined with an ideal location, will make your decision a piece of cake.